Your Debt Expert Solution PLUS

Your Debt Expert Solution PLUS

Debt Solution - 1 to 1 Budgeting Course - Budgeting App - Demonstration Video

Debt Expert offers a new way to deal with your debts. Unlike other debt management companies, we offer Free advice and a choice of solutions with no continuing monthly charges or administration fees.

We are not funded by credit card companies or influenced by any other sponsorship when giving debt advice.

Our process is simple - choose an option to decide how much input you want in resolving your debt issues.

This can be either a simple question via Ask Debt Expert or more detailed information via the Debt Expert Help form - Income Maximisation.

If as a result of this free advice you choose to proceed with your Debt Expert Solution via Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Order, IVA or Debt Management Plan. Debt Expert can do this without the costly and on-going monthly fees to a Debt management company.

You can do this by the following, paying a single up-front administration fee.

  • Your Debt Expert Solution £75.00 - Click here to apply for Your Debt Expert Solution
  • Completion of your financial statement.
  • Your income maximised.
  • Advice given as to the best solution to deal with your debts.
  • A qualified debt advisor will complete the process for you and support you throughout the process to completion.


  • Debt Expert Solution PLUS £149.00 - Click here to apply for Debt Expert Solution PLUS
  • All of the plus above:
  • One to one budgeting course.
  • Budgeting app.
  • Demonstration video.

Once the initial crisis of your debts has been dealt with, we will then work through with you our budgeting course booklet with one to one sessions via face to face, telephone or live chat (depending on location). We will also support you to input your personalised budget into the Maap app and provide an online demonstration video, together with ongoing support to utilise these tools. Dealing with your debts is important but we believe that once these have been dealt with then your focus should be on budgeting for your life and learn the skills to maintain a budget to avoid future debt.

Why is it important to have Money Skills to Budget?

Acquiring money skills is an important life skill, not having basic money skills can result in poor financial decision making tipping individuals and families into debt crisis and unnecessary hardship. Money Skills enable you to make informed choices, shop around and plan future spending. All of these things are critical to staying up to date with priorities such as rent, mortgage and council tax payments.

With welfare reforms, zero hour contracts, stagnant pay, energy bill hikes, the increase of ‘in-work’ poverty and rising cost of living, family budgets are more than ever struggling to cope.

Why choose Debt Expert PLUS?

We have a wealth of experience in providing support to individuals and their families to get out of debt and then maintain healthy budgets. We have worked with Mental Health Charities and Registered Social Landlords in some of the top 5% deprived areas nationally and believe we have a real understanding of living in poverty. Due to our experience of seeing people in a “revolving door” when trying to deal with debts then continuing to borrow due to lack of financial skills, we set up Debt Expert.

We have first hand experience of meeting people who have entered debt management plans only to realise years later that their debt has increased. In these circumstances, clients could have proceeded with one of the available debt solutions, had their debts cleared and then budgeted for the future rather than pay extortionate fees to debt management companies. Our aim is to help people take control of their finances and gain confidence and knowledge when managing their money or making decisions.

Our advice and budgeting sessions are written by experienced money advisers with qualifications in Money Advice and all are Debt Relief Order Intermediaries.  The budgeting course booklet sessions will address some of the most important issues facing low income families at the moment from ‘bedroom tax’ to ‘budgeting’. We understand people don’t work 9- 5pm and therefore we are flexible in both how we deliver the budgeting course – one to one, telephone or live chat and at a time to suit you.

Stop struggling with debt and start living your life