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liz mctear

Liz McTear

Liz McTear is the creator of Debt Expert and the budgeting app - MAAP.

Liz started a Social Enterprise, the Money Advice Project in 2010 as a response to design a service that dealt with peoples debts in order that individuals could then budget for their life ahead. Liz brought together 5 Wirral based Social Landlords to provide a more sustainable model of funding debt advice for their tenants. This collaboration or partnership working led to the Money Advice Project being awarded the S.E.N. “Best Example of Partnership & Collaborative Working”.

Liz spent large amounts of time fund raising and developed Debt Expert, a new model of funding debt advice rather than the current charitable funding that stops and starts due to lack of funds. Debt Expert was also to tackle the lack of transparency in how debt advice is funded. Many organisations state the service is free, when in reality creditors are funding by way of a payment based on monies collected. Also many clients that came to the Money Advice Project were in Debt Management Plans and the only people gaining were the Debt Management Company by way of their monthly charges. Also, organisations in the voluntary sector were not trained to a high standard in debt advice and were merely dealing with one debt and not looking at the person in a holistic way. 

Liz trained as a Barrister (non-practising), worked as a Debt Project Leader at a Wirral based Mental Health Charity. She holds the M.I.M.A. (Institute of Money Advisers Accreditation) and is an approved Debt Relief Order Intermediary.


Jayne Scott

Jayne Scott

Jayne Scott was also instrumental in the start of Money Advice Project. Jayne previously worked for the N.H.S in management Accounts during which time she completed her A.A.T qualification. 

Jayne worked for several years for a local mental health charity providing debt advice having received training as a volunteer. Jayne then worked closely with Wirral based Social Landlords supporting their tenants deal with their debts and provide budgeting support and income maximisation.

Jayne also obtained her CeMAP qualification and holds the M.I.M.A accreditation. Jayne qualified as a Debt Relief Order Intermediary in 2015. Jayne enjoys working with clients in order to promote healthy and realistic budgeting. 


Our Values


Being in debt can have a huge impact on your personal life and mental well-being. We know that your circumstances are unique to you and we want to help you get your life back on track. This is why you will have your own dedicated adviser to help you through the process.


People fall into debt for many different reasons and some feel that they can’t speak to anyone about their problems for fear of judgement. It is a known fact, that nearly all adults experience some sort of debt throughout their life. We will never judge anyone who needs help with their debt; taking that first step can be the most difficult but we know you will be pleased you did.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with all levels of debt.


It is important to us that you feel respected whilst we support you through this process. We want you to know that we respect your personal journey and will always work in a professional and responsible manner when providing advice or support.

We are always looking to improve our support and welcome and feedback you have to improve our service.

Stop struggling with debt and start living your life